The construction structures offered by the company.

The wide spectrum of structures that the company is able to cover in the field of product manufacture for all types of buildings as well as the excellent quality of services are due to the fact that its workforce is highly trained and experienced in the fields and turnover the company specializes in.

The workforce in the construction industry is divided into 4 categories:

  • Cutting aluminum and compressed aluminum foil
  • Assembling aluminum constructions
  • Assembling glass constructions, compressed aluminum foil and various other specialized constructions
  • Installing constructions


The company provides its workforce with state of the art equipment in a spacious factory aiming at the smooth and fast completion of all projects and the excellent quality of the constructions. The company also undertakes to educate and train its human resources with seminars concerning any development and improvement in the field of constructions.

After a successful long course the company peaked in the domestic construction sector offering a range of multitudinous constructions such as:

Due to the expertise and sophisticated means at its disposal the company is able to manufacture almost anything related to aluminum and glass. With the purpose of meeting the demands of its customers the company cooperates with European renowned suppliers of aluminum and aluminum accessories such as Muskita Aluminium Industries Ltd, ALUMIL Aluminium Systems RABEL Systems GIESSE - Aluminuim accessories etc.