Our History

Company was established by Kyriakos Karmnenos. The company initially operated with one employee and it was specialized in constructions from aluminum


The company starts to incorporate into their agenda, the construction and implementation of more complex structures such as aluminum partitions, shop windows, shower doors, railings, glass shelters etc.


The growth of the company’s services and the growing demand, created the need for bigger staff, expanding the workspace and upgrading the machinery, therefore the company moved to a more spacious and ultramodern factory.


The company, always aims for improvements, therefore, expands its services and invests in the construction and application of compressed aluminum foil (ACP). An additional cycle of services which offer the advantage of covering buildings with the material mentioned.


The company developed in its field even more, by adding structures and applications of glass, such as glass doors, showers, mirrors, interior partitions, glass railings and shelters etc.


After high customer demands, mostly of architects, the company begins to manufacture and apply specialized structures such as various kinds of exterior aluminum pergolas, exterior doors and roofs, sheathed by compressed aluminum foil (ACP), interior or exterior wall etc.

The company "Kyriakos Karmenos aluminum Ltd" again expands its offered services, by introducing the construction and operations of specialized stainless steel to cover a wider range of tasks and satisfy all requirements of its customers.


After 19 years of the company’s success in the field of excellent quality aluminum, glass and stainless steel applications for all types of buildings and companies, and due to the rapid development in technology, there was a great need for upgrading the equipment by adding modern machinery for the excellent conduct of its service offerings with best quality results. 


With over 25 years of experience and expertise, the company is able to cover a wide range of services in the construction of all types of buildings. The company’s purpose always is to satisfy the demands of the customers, by providing the best quality of products.


Company’s Motto: We are able to manufacture all kinds of products related to aluminum and glass, and will always consider that our services first aim quality instead of quantity